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Specialized in the capture and the analysis of data, create
ERP management systems cross-platform, safe,
flexible and 100% custom. We design databases and programs
According to the needs of businesses large and small.

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  • Subscriptions management
  • CRM - customer relationship
  • Billing
  • Access Customer/Providor
  • Employee/Manager profiles
  • Unlimited Possibilities


Código de barras
NFC Contactless


Identification with biometrics is associable with a SEXTAN system via our fingerprint reader.


The technology of code of bars is 100% compatible with our systems, we have from a scanner wireless.

NFC chip

Starting from cards or with a Smartphone, the system SEXTAN is associable with the technology contactless NFC.

Knowingyour company


The creation of a system of SEXTAN begins with knowledge of your company, its processes and information flows. During one to two weeks 'live' with you and together define the specifications and analyze in particular:

  • Tasks for workstations
  • Relations with suppliers/customers
  • Results and key statistics
Conocer su negocio
Crear base de datos

StructureYour data


Once defined the program functions began to establish the foundations of their system SEXTAN: define the architecture of the database. According to needs, we work with MySQL or Oracle.

Oracle mySQL

To developthe program


The database defined (Back End), if follows build the program (front end). In the defined term, we developed a first beta version of the program, and after a several tests in real situation, we pass it to production.

Desarrollar el programa
Inicializar el sistema

Initializethe system


SEXTAN systemNo installation needed and is compatible with all OS and computing devices (Desktop, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone). Implementation of the system on a large scale (with employed users and/or customers) is made in a very short time.

Support and updates


We guarantee a personal support 7/7 and in addition to ensure the proper functioning of your system, we commit to update and continuously improve the system. Beyond a simple provision of service, the system grows with your business!

falta solo el exito

Javier Ortego Sol Square Holding

We were studying ERP systems but they do not succeed to our company perfectly and though they were standards they generated hidden costs difficult to measure. We contacted Sextan, after explain our requirements are put to design and program implementation. A month later, and to date, have in web and mobile application that enabled us to control the business and grow.

Ivan Miccolis HelpMadrid SL

We are using services of SEXTAN since 2013, our system in Helpmadrid allows us to handle absolutely everything, from business strategy to the management of human resources. Each contact with the team of Sextan is simply a pleasure. I can only give my best recommendation for this expert and resultado-orientada company.

Jean-Christophe GODIN Hexa Finance

Our portfolio management customers use since the end of 2013 SEXTAN system, and we can only express our great satisfaction. The system is powerful and the SEXTAN team is to listen to our needs or modifications. Access our results from the mobile is also very useful.

They have chosen SEXTAN

Mexico Vivo
Foundation Mexico Vivo

Management system designed to organize, classify, analyzes and displays all details of the Foundation.

Mid-October 2014.

Madrid 2020
Spanish Olympic Committee

Platform for sporting events for the Madrid candidacy for the Olympic Games in 2020 with subscription management with access for suppliers.

+ than 9300 registered people
+ 215 than orders sent automatically to those 80 suppliers.


ERP capitalizing on accounting, operational processes, and tools of assistance to decision-making and associated with a platform for sale 100% automated with pricing policy which changes in real time.

+ 84% beneficios netos
+ 140% of capacity with the same number of employees.
+ 8300% data input and processed in real time.
24/7 automated customer support.

Sol Square Holding
Sol Square Holding

ERP system designed for the management of revenues, costs and revenues of a heritage of real estate and assets.

78% of those processes operating automated.
100% less lost data.
48% less payments delayed with the system of automatic payment reminders.

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